Basic configuration and extensions for Flutter developers in vsCode

Hello dev, here in this article I want to show some basic vsCode settings and extension that can help be more productive while coding your Flutter projects, so let’s go!

First I want to talk about the extensions, so let’s start talking about theme because I believe you are going to look to your vsCode for a long period of time, and see something with good look is essential. I know it’s personal stuff but I’ll show you what I’m using right now.

Basically I installed the Material Theme because for me it was the best at the time and I’m used to it, but there are others really good as well, so make sure you have a good look on your environment.

One that's also helping me is the Yaml, because I can se if the pubspec.yaml file has properly indentation, so I think I don’t need to explain more right?

If you want to use the Git on the vsCode instead of use on the terminal, I think one good thing to have is the history easily with this Git History extension, so this is a way to have it visually if you prefer.

Another Git extension that may help you is the Git Stash, because sometimes you need to change branches and don’t need to commit what you have done so far. If you are not familiar with stash, try to read about.

The next step that can help you is add these settings in order to format the code while you are writing, and believe me, having a organised code may help you to have less errors.

So for that open the command palette and search for “Preferences: Open Settings (JSON)”, and add the Dart settings section.

And that’s it, I mean you can search for snippets, other extensions and also about makefile if you want to add more productive stuff, but in this article I wanted to talk about some basics to help especially beginners.



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